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Different Jobs call for Different Equipment

Proper equipment is essential to assure complete & thorough HVAC system cleaning. The training and overall experience of the technician operating the equipment, however, is equally important.  Before contracting with any duct cleaning company, be sure to inquire about licensing, training, experience and equipment. Don't be disappointed by sub-standard work done by sub-standard companies.

A-1 Furnace & Duct Cleaning is equipped and ready to do any job right. Call us today to discuss what equipment and/or cleaning options might be best for your home or business.
Power Vacuum Truck Truck Mounted Vacuum
With 12-16,000 cfm & 180-205 psi,
this equipment is recommended for large houses, commercial buildings,
or homes that have never had their systems cleaned.
This equipment is recommended for smaller houses, homes that have their HVAC systems cleaned periodically, or for dust removal prior to routine sanitizing.
Portable Cleaning System Snake Cam
This equipment is handy, but very limited. It could be used in a  small home with a small amount of straight, unencumbered ductwork. Our snake camera enables us to see deep inside HVAC ductwork systems. Inspecting the system before and after helps us (and the customer) see what we're doing.