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How do I know
if I need my furnace and/or ductwork cleaned?

Here are a few things to look for & consider.

 ◘ Is your house new construction or newly remodeled?  If so, your HVAC      system is probably filled with wood & drywall dust, as well as other     construction debris.

  Has it been 8 to 10 years since your last cleaning?

  Is the carpet or flooring around your registers grimy, darkened or stained?

  Do members of your family suffer from dust or mold related allergies or     asthma?

  Is dust (in the air & accumulation) more prevalent when your HVAC     system is running?

  Do you have pets that shed--hair & dander?

  Do you have a problem with rodents? If so, your HVAC system may be     littered with rodent droppings.

  Do you reside in a dusty area? For example, on a dirt road or where there     is a quantity of new construction.

  Have you noticed a reduction in your HVAC's airflow?
 ◘ Do people smoke in your house or burn candles?

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Professional HVAC system/ductwork cleaning will not only enhance your home's air quality (by eliminating the built-up dirt), but you will also get improved efficiency in the airflow through your heating/cooling system because the amount of friction created by the buildup of debris will be reduced.
This can mean lower fuel bills for you.