Comparing Prices can be Tricky Business

Different duct cleaning companies have different ways of figuring quotes, meaning customers must stay on their toes and ask plenty of questions when comparing prices. Don't fall for a "lowball" pricing scam where the original quoted or printed price gets added on to...after they show up for the job with hidden fees you should already have known about.  

At A-1, the price we quote based on the info we get from customer is the price you pay. as long as the info we get is accurate to that dwelling.

Carefully calculated after talking with the customer and/or previewing the HVAC system, our quotes will be accurate based on what we are told square foot and foundation wise as well as location. 


Our base price is based on each dwellings square footage and foundation type. From there, we charge in a very customized fashion based on what each customer wants and what each HVAC system needs. A quote may include cleaning some or all of the following: main hot & cold trunk lines, branch lines and cold air pannings, hot & cold registers, the furnace, A/coil,( evaporation coil), blower motor, and/or a dryer vent. The quote may also include an antimicrobial spray, based on the customer's wishes.

While speaking of pricing, customers should also think about a company's equipment when considering and/or comparing quotes. Not all equipment can accomplish the same cleaning results and, thus, not all equipment can be charged for at the same rate. Companies using a power vacuum truck will likely cost the most, but the cleaning results will be the best possible. Where as companies using a truck-mounted vacuum unit or a portable vacuum unit will cost less but, in turn, it will be reflected in cleaning job. Different equipment can make a big difference in the "cleaning" and the "pricing" so customers should be sure to ask about this.

At A-1, we have all the various types of equipment because we know that different jobs/situations call for different equipment in order to do our work correctly and serve our customers right. Being totally upfront about pricing and equipment is just "good business" as far as we're concerned. Call today for a free phone estimate at 248 685-0675